So, now that we are very much familiar with the performance level of AMD RX Vega graphics lineup on the standard resolution, let us take it a step further. Yes! The mighty 8K resolution. To get an idea, have a look at this figure in which the green rectangle is showing FullHD resolution. Now multiply the 7680×4320 resolution with 16x more pixels! Holy Moly!

8310 01 8k benchmarks titan xp sli smashes 7680x4320 1000x563 Bestest screen resolution ever: AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 running at 8K screen resolution!

The Only TwoWarriors On This Ground

This type of unheard resolution is only supported by two cards on the face of this earth and those are TITAN Xp and Vega 64. Both of these cards were tested in the 8K resolution and my God! It’s awesome.

Which Monitor Supports This Resolution?

I know all those questions boggling your mind right now! The $3,899 Dell UltraSharp UP3218K, which is the only commercially available native 8K monitor, was used for this test. Running over two of the DisplayPort 1.4 cables, the monitor yielded some awe-inspiring results. Two other cards were than brought for the testing purpose including TITAN X and GTX 1080 Ti and here are the benchmark results released by Tweak Town.

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