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Top 3 E-Readers of the year 2017 according to their respective categories


A book is a man’s best friend and the technology has made a little change to this line. For the book lovers and those seniors who just want to pass their time in reading books, the technology has brought the ease of e-readers and they work very well because of the ease of use that they carry. E-Readers look just like a tablet or an iPad but are specially designed for reading purposes. The E-Readers can give you unbelievable battery timings along with other functionalities that make them very user-friendly. The top 3 E-Readers are listed below on the basis of the categories mentioned besides their names.

Amazon Kindle for the Category of Best Budget

Starting from the cheapest option that we have is the Amazon Kindle that is commonly referred as Kindle. Some of the Android devices come with the Kindle app pre-loaded in them with a part of Kindle’s functionalities. One of the best features of Kindle is that you can read your favorite books even in the direct sunlight and also in the sheer darkness where it removes the display light that assists with reading in the dark.

Kindle is available at Amazon for just $80 and sports a 6-inch display which is enough to read and even seems reasonable to carry in the pocket. At least, you don’t need a big bag to carry it and you can easily read the dark on-screen text and you’ll feel as if you are reading a newspaper. The inbuilt WiFi of Kindle lets you download a new book in a matter of seconds and you can read it anytime when free.

Kobo Aura H20 for the Category of Best Waterproof

Placed at the top in Best Waterproof category, is the Kobo Aura H20 which can be your best bet for waterproof e-readers. Sporting a bigger display of 6.8-inch as compared to that of Kindle, this e-reader provides you more room for better and clearer reading. If you consider the 6 inched Kindle a small one, this is a very handsome option for you in the waterproof category.

Because of this special feature of waterproofing, Kobo Aura H20 is priced at $171 at the Amazon. The device is IP67 compliant which means that it can remain alive in one meterdeep water for up to 30 minutes. To provide comfort to your eyes, the manufacturing company has placed special lights at the front of the screen.

Best Overall: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Wrapping up the discussion, we present to you, the star of the race, the best one overall, the “Amazon Kindle Paperwhite” which is grabbing all the attention these days. Placed in this category for a reason, the Kindle Paperwhite actually has a 300 pixel-per-inch (PPI) e-ink display which makes the colors pretty vibrant and very easy to use. Specially designed while keeping in mind the seniors’ disorders associated with the ailing health and lesser ability to read, this e-reader is a blessing for such elder readers.

The device is extremely lightweight and the weight is not more than 7.2 ounces. Bigger size does not mean better display and the Paperwhite manufacturers know it very well. The display is limited to a medium 6-inch size and the battery life is just unbelievable. The device can keep running for six weeks on a single charge. Yes! You read it right! Six weeks of continuous running on a single charge.


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