If you have been missing custom Radeon graphics cards, MSI is in the game with its all-new RX 500 production, the MSI Armor MK2. The cards include Radeon RX 580 and RX 570 ARMOR with the MK2 series. AMD claims that 4 graphics cards with the color design for Armor 2X cooler are being made and you’ll be able to get the overclocking feature in the OC versions of both the cards.

MSI RX570 Armor MK2 1000x591 Get ready to witness two new MSI RX500 graphics cards with Armor MK2

However, you can get the non-OC variants for both the cards. What’s different in the Armor MK2 is the black and red design and fancy full cover backplate. The clock speeds are still unknown so stay tuned for more.

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