Designs of any smart devices made the devices more attractive and beautiful, the stories about the smartphones are highlighted in the last few months, now it’s time to talk about the new design of the Apple’s smart hourglass.

One of the Apple’s watch designers, Mr. Marc Newson, innovate the new design, revamped with the old hourglass for the wristwatches publication organization HONDINKEE. The watch is much expensive, Marc Newson sell it for $12,000.

newson hourglass.0 The Apple designer introduced a glasshour filled with the nano balls instead of sand, the designer sells it for $12,000
According to the verge report, hourglass is filled up with the 1,249,996 “nanoballs”. The balls are made up of solid stainless steel, while the upper layer is coated with the copper, the balls are 0.66 mm in diameter. The balls are shiny and looks beautiful in the glass. Within 10 minutes the one cycle is completed in the hourglass.

Its unbelievable the users spends of their savings or sufficient for the traditional like an hourglass, the Hondinkee in the publication justified the exclusive price, According to the report, the small nanoballs may heat-up the glass and cause damage, but we are not sure about it, the Hondinkee said in a report:

The combination of watching those first few nanoballs bounce around the bottom chamber, the flow begin to change surface patterns in the top chamber, and the unique sound of the nanoballs flying around, hitting the glass and one another as they settle at the bottom, is utterly mesmerizing.

Initially, 100 units were assembled to sell, only four has been sold out and other may be shipped in coming months. Billions of the nanoballs with borosilicate glass made the Apple glasshour more unique and quite impressive. You can pre-order magic like glasshour by paying $6000 as a non refundable down-payment and have to wait for the production of the unit for you. So, if you are crazy about this fantastic innovation, you can share your thoughts with us by leaving the comments in the comments box given below!

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