Despite Toshiba’s financial hard times, the company hasn’t stopped making the amazing hardware which has always been its identity. The newest offering by the company is an 8TB Hard Disk from its X300 line up of mechanical HDDs. The series has different variants according to your needs including:

  • 4TB
  • 5TB
  • 6TB
  • 8TB

The prices differ between a fair range of $119 and $259, with the 8TB variant being the flagship model having the $259 price tag. The X300 family of HDDs is basically designed for storing data at much higher speeds as all the HDDs of this series have a 7200RPM spindle speed with 128MB of cache.

81orOGMyS2L. SL1500  Toshiba rolls out the X300 Hard Disks family   The series is aimed at providing better read and write speeds

The Flagship Model

Speaking more of the 8TB model, its read speed is expected to go up to 240MB/sec as per the rumors. What’s special in this variant is that it comes pre-programmed with a cache algorithm. The main purpose of this algorithm is to manage the onboard buffer so that the drive achieves higher read and write speeds. Anyway, here are the Amazon price tags for all the models of X300 series:

  • Toshiba X300 4TB – $119
  • Toshiba X300 5TB – $145
  • Toshiba X300 6TB – $194
  • Toshiba X300 8TB – $259

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