AI has been on the scene for quite a long time but lesser people are familiar with the capabilities of the blockchain. EA and Ubisoft have been researching on techniques to utilize technologies including blockchain and AI for giving game developers with more creative options.

21 The use of AI and Blockchain convergence   How will it affect the gaming industry?

Why Upgrade?

The question might be a simple one for the naive users but those who are actually into game development will be looking towards it as a paradigm shift. The countless hours spent on coding, animation, tweaking, fixing, and most importantly iteration, if can’t be terminated, will surely be limited to a feasible point.
Ubisoft’s studio production services head, Yves Jacquier spoke about the benefits of using AI in game development. He explained the process as:

I think that it goes both ways, working with people who have a great knowledge of how real systems work and having us on the simulation side of the equation presents a win-win situation. They will be able to test their systems faster and we’ll be able to learn a lot from them to make games more interesting and realistic.

The distinction between AI and humans is all about creativity. AI is good at generalizing and imitating. If you can spot a repetitive task, AI can help automate that, that’s generalizing. Imitating is showing an AI an objective and the AI can accelerate you towards that objective. That lets you create a wide variety of assets or a larger world, but these alone do not make a game. Humans will always be responsible for the creating the fun in a game.

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