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The 5 Most Popular Programming Languages in 2020

5 most demanded programming languages

Technology is evolving very rapidly. More than 600 programming languages are present that offer different features and functional capabilities to develop apps, websites, algorithms, and games. This creates a dynamic job market for developers. 

Learning a new programming language is essential for present times and times to come and therefore should be considered as an investment. Since there is a myriad of programming languages, we have created a list of 5 programming languages that are the most popular and are in demand the most. 

These programming languages are firmly established in the Software Development industry and have been top-ranked in the renowned programming languages ranking websites. Their popularity is increasing by the day and is, therefore, demanded the most in the job market, offering a crazy salary. 

Following are the 5 most popular programming languages.


Guido van Rossum developed Python in the 1990s as his side project. Python is considered the number one programming language and is used by businesses a lot. It is easy to learn and use. Python finds its application in Data Science, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Enterprise Application and Web Development. PYPL, a programming language ranking site, has ranked Python as the number one programming language. As per the study by Indeed, Python is the most demanded programming language in the USA job market and ranks third with a $120 K yearly salary.


JavaScript is one of the most widely used and top-ranked programming languages in the world which runs virtually everywhere be it Browsers, Servers, Mobile Devices, Cloud, Containers, Micro-controllers. It is used for developing web products for different industry domains, such as banking, health, and others. It is used for Web Development, Backend Development, Mobile App Development, Serverless Computing, Browser Game Development, etc. It is the third most demanded programming language in the U.S., according to Indeed, with an average yearly salary of $114 K.


Java is ideal for Android application developers. It is a much simpler, object-oriented, interpreted programming language. However, Java has lost some of its markets to Python and JavaScript. It is used for Enterprise Application Development, Android App Development, Big Data and Web Development. It is the second most demanded programming language in the USA with the annual salary of $104 K.


C++ is one of the most efficient and oldest programming languages. C++ is faster than many programming languages. This characteristic makes C++ valuable in the domains where the latency needed is very low, and performance is highly critical. C++ has lost its popularity to Java in enterprise software development and the Big Data domain. However, with the rise of GPU, Containerization, Cloud computing, it is once again gaining popularity in the job market. As per the reports by Indeed, C++ is the 4th most demanded programming language with $108 K per annum salary.


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a general-purpose, dynamic programming language which is mainly used to develop server-side Web applications. In January 2020, TIOBE ranked PHP as the 8th most popular programming language. It is the 7th most demanded programming language in the U.S. job market with a reasonable salary of $90 K.

The above list gives you insights on the 5 most popular programming languages of 2020. There are 600 plus programming languages which makes it difficult to choose as to what should be learnt. An important point to note here is that the choice of learning a programming language should not only be based on the popularity of a language but also on the requirement of the project you are working on.