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The 5 Best Android Wear Watch Faces – Free From Google Play

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A feature which I like most in Android Wear is that we can customize its watch faces. You can change the look and can choose the one you like. You can make this change from the setting menu as well as from your profile customize setting.

This feature of Android Wear really makes it amazing and unique. Thanks, Google, their partners and other third-party developers who are taking keen interest to provide us with a better and marvelous android watch wears of our choice.

Whether you have bought a new LG Watch Sport or you owned the original Huawei watch, you can change the personalization or customize the Watch face of your timepiece. 

And if talk about the new Android 2.0 then obviously you can find more customization option in it, in this way you can really make changes that will show that the watch actually belongs to none other then you.

Here, we have collected some elegant, stylish and classic watch faces for you. You can get these all from Google’s play, in addition, these faces are available for both rectangular and circular modes, mentioned otherwise.


Cool look with weather and battery widgets. Get it from Google play for free.


Shows time and date in vintage looks, people before Windows 3.1 remember this. You can get for $0.99 from Google Play.

Classic Watch Face

Latest widgets available for Android 2.0, weather update, step counts and some extra options for a fee is also available. It is also available on Google play for free.


Master is for those people who are really master of android wears. It’s also Free on Google play.


A smart android wear for smart people. It makes you look more charming with an attractive personality.

These are not enough, you can find plenty of Android wear watch faces at WAREABLE.

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