Wireless charging though introduced years ago but hasn’t really become a trend because of certain limitations. Apple announced the Wireless charging feature in its upcoming device but that’s still not confirmed. Talking about the currently available Laptops, smartphones or two in ones, there is no mainstream device that supports wireless charging. But the latest rumors suggest that Dell is about to release a 2-in-1 laptop named ‘Latitude 7000 12 7285’ which will support the wireless charging feature.

Dell Latitude 7285 2 in 1 group shot 01 The all new Dell Latitude 12 7285 2 in 1 will flaunt wireless charging feature in an odd way

A Unique Charging Way

It’s not the usual charging method in which you place a device on a compatible charging mat, rather the 2-in-1 tablet will be placed on its keyboard dock and when it becomes a laptop, you have to place it on top of the mat. In other words, the 2-in-1 cannot be put to charge without getting in the form of a laptop. This is rather an odd way of Wireless charging that cuts a bit of the practicality but that’s how it is.

Latitude 7285 2 in 1 The all new Dell Latitude 12 7285 2 in 1 will flaunt wireless charging feature in an odd way

Dell is marketing the wireless charging feature as the most important one as it supports the WiGig protocol to be able to wirelessly connect to displays and input devices. To add a bit of ease here, you can use a single Thunderbolt 3 cable connected to a dock.


Other than the Wireless charging feature, the specifications of the Latitude 7285 are mentioned below:

  • 12.3-inch screen with 2880×1920 pixel display
  • 7th gen Intel Core i5
  • 16 GB of LPDDR3 RAM

The price of this laptop is said to be $1,199.99 without the wireless charging setup. If you include the setup in this too, make that, $1,748.99.

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