The 10 Best Graphic Design Software of 2021

Top 10 graphic design software of 2021

People who understand the game of graphics would understand the importance of using a good graphic designer software that gives you the scope and flexibility of playing with tools, being creative with designs and building an extraordinary portfolio. A good graphic design software should be both simple and sophisticated, simple for beginners to identify their creative side and sophisticated for professionals to create some brilliant masterpieces. 

We have shortlisted 10 best graphic design software that lets users create awesome digital art with ease and efficiency.

Adobe Photoshop

Image Source: Deviant Art

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular and widely used graphic design software. You can create banners, posters, websites, or logos using this software. The software gives you the freedom to design a very basic as well as a very sophisticated design. You can play with its tools and create a masterpiece. Adobe Photoshop also allows users to draw, paint amd edit. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac.


Image Source: Pixpa

Sketch focuses mainly on digital designs used to create websites, apps, and interfaces. The coolest feature of this software is that it lets you collaborate with other designers and create a prototype. Its smart layout feature automatically resizes the component based on the content. You can also create digital icons using Sketch. The only downside about the software is that it is not a very good option for illustrations and editing. Moreover, it is compatible with Mac only.

Adobe Illustrator

Image Source: Fix The Photo

Adobe Illustrator focuses on vector design. The software can be used to create artwork, icons, posters, for business cards or billboards. It also has a mobile version by the name of  Adobe Illustrator Draw. You can  draw, mix, and refine designs. Adobe Illustrator offers professionally designed templates. THis feature can be very well used by beginners or even by professionals to save time. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Affinity Designer

Image Source: Digital Arts

The Affinity Designer is one of the best softwares for beginners who are looking to build a career in design. It is cheaper than Adobe Illustrator. The software works very smoothly making the work experience enjoyable. You can work on both vector and raster workspaces and switch between them using Affinity Designer. There are a myriad of things that you can do on Affinity Designer. From working in RGB or LAB color spaces with up to 32-bits per channel using Advanced color controls to moving and zooming your artwork at 60fps, you can do it all. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac. The cherry on the cake is that Affinity designer provides a graphic design app for the iPad with the same features offered on the desktop versions.

Adobe InDesign

Image Source: File Info

Adobe InDesign is another graphic design software by Adobe. If you plan to work in the publishing industry, this is the graphic design software that you would be using the most. From designing magazines, info sheets, books, posters to interactive PDFs and brochures, you can do it all using Adobe InDesign. The adjust layout option lets you change the text color and you will see that the graphic will adjust accordingly. The Sensei technology that comes incorporated with the Adobe InDesign automatically arranges and resizes images. It also allows you to work with other members of your team using Adobe InCopy. The software is very easy to learn and is very beginners friendly. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019

Image Source: Mac World

CorelDRAW is a graphic design program that provides several customization options. Whether you are working on logos, web design, or print projects, CorelDRAW does it all for you. Web graphic tools and presets can be used to develop web content and publish directly to WordPress. The file compatibility is beyond amazing, it supports over 100 file formats. Earlier, CorelDRAW was compatible only with Windows OS, it can now also be used on Mac. 

Xara Designer Pro X

Image Source: Soft Soldier

Built for both bitmaps and vectors, Xara Designer can handle desktop publishing, graphic design, illustration, photo editing, all in one place. It works best for beginners as it has hundreds  of template layouts, design elements, and numerous archive photos. The software does not compromise on quality when scaling up. Create custom design elements and use them in any of your designs. Xara Designer is compatible with Windows only. 


Image Source: Vectr

If you have to  create vector graphics, the Vectr is one of the best free graphics softwares. There is no loss in quality when vectors are scaled up and that is a good thing. The unusual thing about this graphic design software is that it uses mathematical equations to create the design and not pixels. Vectr can be used to create 2D graphics, business cards, logos, posters, brochures, etc. It is compatible with Windows, Web Browser, Linux, Mac, and Chrome OS.

Gravit Designer

Image Source: Blender Artists

You can also create vector-based designs using Gravit. It is free and can be used to create logos, edit photos, and create animations and illustrations in this program. A sad thing about this graphic design software is that it does not have an offline version in the free plan. There is a pro version of Gravit which is paid but offers more advanced options than the free version. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS.


Image Source: Shift

If you don’t have much time to learn any complex software, you can easily switch to using this online design tool called Visme. Its drag-and-drop editor lets you create amazing graphics using a variety of templates offered by Visme. You can create an account and access its features and stock photos, videos, icons, animated graphics, fonts and graphs. You can also upgrade to a paid account if you want to make use of more advanced tools. Visme can be accessed from any web browser.

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