The 10 Best DJ Headphones to Buy in 2021

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Being a DJ doesn’t require a lot of gear, but everything mostly revolves around music.

Whether you’re a YouTuber or perform shows around the globe, choosing the right pair of headphones is what matters. To make your next album a hit or just add another song to the millions made every year, headphones are a very important ingredient.

If you’re a DJ who’s always on the go, you must get your hands on some of the finest durable DJ headphones instead of just fancy looking ones. With so many choices available, buying the best DJ headphone can be an intricate task. You need a pair that can handle a thrashing and can still be ready for live performance the next day.

One of the most obvious issues DJ headphones come across is breaking. Hence, we’ve put a list to make sure you buy the best durable and high-quality DJ headphones in the market.

High-quality and durable Dj Headphones

The first thing is, the pair of DJ headphones need to work well in one ear. And that is because DJ’s tend to listen to their music when they’re curing up getting it ready to play the next track. The second thing to worry about is definitely comfort and how the headphones sit around your neck.

The world of DJ headphones is huge and we are here to help you navigate to find the most suitable headphones for you that fit your budget and needs. Most DJs tend to place their headphones and they don’t want the cups digging in their jaws. You want headphones that are able to cut the sound out from the surroundings and let you listen to what you want to listen to. The world of DJ headphones is huge and we are here to help you navigate to find the most suitable headphones for you that fit your budget and needs.

With this basic stuff to speculate about, let’s dig in to find some great, comfortable and durable headphones for the audiophile in you.

Most DJs tend to place their headphones and they don’t want the cups digging in their jaws. You want headphones that are able to cut the sound out from the surroundings and let you listen to what you want to listen to.

Here is the list of best Dj Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x – $150

Audio Technia Headphone

Audio Technica is known to be undefeated for quite some time with the ATH-M50x. For the past couple of years, this pair of headphones has been at the top and it is well-deserving.

It lacks a modern look but it aces sound quality and durability which is what every customer is looking for at the end of the day. The 285gm weighing headphones scream premium all around the device.

The cups fold 180 degrees for greater comfort whereas most DJ headphones don’t go beyond the 100-degree limit. In spite of being heavier than certain headphones, these sit comfortably on your head and lets you listen to music for long hours with ease. The inner diameter of the cups covers your ears pretty good. We all know how important noise cancellation is for audiophiles and for DJs, it is extremely important as well. The M50x has a really tight seal and sits rigidly to give you the best noise cancellation. The flip side to that is if you wear specs, it’ll leave red marks and make you slightly uncomfortable. When it comes to the audio quality on this device, it might feel a little heavy.

Audio Technica could’ve worked on the mids more and might have added a flat cable like the Sony headphone series. Overall, these headphones look industrial enough but sound extremely nice as compared to other competitors.

It doesn’t have that modern look to it but Dbrand allows you to customize it with pretty awesome skins. You can now stick to it for the remarkable sound quality in spite of the age-old look.

Out of the box, the device comes with the headphone itself that looks mostly like the predecessor M50. It is flexible enough and has an increased price tag to make it better in every loophole it had.

These guys come out of the box with no cables attached and that is a good trendsetter. For the new price, you get a set of 3 cables inside the box. A 1.2m straight cable, a 3m straight cable and a 1.2m coiled cable to fit in the left 3.5mm jack.

The cups fold upwards but they don’t hint at bending or hurting the device as a whole. The cups have got softer around the edges and Audio Technica clearly focuses more on comfort on this one. For all the DJs, the snappy noise cancellation works great with the seal and the locking mechanism present in the cables. If you want to spend enough for headphones, this is definitely something to look out for.

Best Wireless DJ Headphones

Sony wireless Dj headphone

Sony WH-1000XM3 – $350

There are a ton of wireless DJ headphones in the market now than ever before and there will be more thanks to iPhone X’s trendsetter move to remove the headphone jack.

Companies like Sony, Beats, Bos, and even Microsoft are stepping up the headphone game with great product launches. Sony, although, has kept up its standards of unrivaled quality and optimum durability when it comes to premium headphones. There was a clash between Microsoft’s Surface Wireless headphones, the Bose QuietComfort 35ii, and the Sony 1000XM3. As it turns out, Sony still remains undefeated when it comes to feature-packed over the ear wireless DJ headphones. Coming to the overview of the device, it folds from the cup itself rather than folding up like the Audio Technica.

It has touch controls on both the cup surfaces which was actually a tie-breaker while selecting the best wireless DJ headphones. Sony has kept comfort and quality on the foreground on this piece of tech. It runs for about 30 hours on one charge and supports USB-C type for charging. With 10 mins of fast charging, you get a whopping 5 hours of playback.  It also supports the 3.5mm jack for the people who still believe in the audio jack.

Sony wireless headphones - 1000XM3

The sound quality is fantastic on this device and Sony has somehow managed to take the good to insanely good with the 1000XM3.

With active noise canceling on, Sony’s battery is way better than its competitors, which matters a lot when it comes to good wireless headphones.

These are really good for traveling and if you’re a DJ, you can listen to music all day long and still be ready for live performance the next hour. Coming to the touch-sensitive controls, you can up and down volume levels by swiping up and down or by long-pressing the up and down areas.

Swiping left and right helps you change the track and you can double-tap to play/pause. The device works great with Google Assistant and you can just say, “Hey, Google. Shuffle songs by Post Malone.” and you’re good to go for a long flight. The best thing being, you can place your palm over the ear cup and the headphones will smartly lower the music, turn on the mic and pump in your surrounding noise. This takes the fuss out of the equation when a friend comes to talk to you in college or something. The Sony app lets you control the ambient noise cancelation from your device itself and it has some smart feature modes like walking, metro, running, etc that plays with the device and lets you use it to the fullest.

For any DJ, this is very important as they have to focus on a song while also focusing on another playing in the background. Sony does this seamlessly and with intuitive touch controls, it’s like a cherry on top.

V-MODA M-100 Crossfade

A delight to bass loving audiophiles for $250

V-Moda is known for its premium quality headphones in the audio industry. Audiophiles and headphone reviewers have astounding remarks about the M-100s by V-Moda.

CNET considers these DJ headphones as one of the finest headphones in the market yet. Be it for DJs, Gamers, Audiophiles, Fashionistas or just a regular music listener, V-Moda is on another level.

On first looks, the box looks very modern and the case that comes with it is similar and very durable too. It is a curved 3D looking V-shaped hard foam case that will protect your headphones from bumps and falls. Looking at the design, it looks pretty simple.

And as it has been made by keeping everyone in focus, it works because it is simple. They weigh around 280gms yet they feel comfortable around your head and around your neck while resting.

DJ headphones need to be literally indestructible and VModa has nearly done it. The headband is made up of steel flex and can bend almost completely flat. The entire device is built really well and the interchangeable earcup shields are made from prime aluminum.

Vmoda allows you to laser engrave and customize the ear-cup shields as you like. This is a huge plus point from the DJ headphone perspective. DJs can add a 2D or a 3D print of their logo or name on their headphones to make it look more tailor-made. VModa has not mentioned anywhere on their website if these are water resistant or not. Yet, VModa has a greater build quality than the competition.

The audio quality is as premium as the build quality. The bass is enormous and will definitely strike you. Overall, this is a definite buy for any audiophile out there.

Sony MDR-7506

Professional headphones aimed at comfort and sound for $187

If you’re a DJ or knows a DJ, you might have come across the MDR-7506. These are comparatively cheap yet comparatively fantastic professional DJ headphones. The fame it has is renowned and is often found in many recording studios and with many famous professionals. From the very first look, they will catch any audiophile’s attention. The design is not common and Sony is used to making good design revolutions when it comes to the music industry. The build of this headphone is rather not that good.

If you throw it in your backpack, there is a large chance of it not coming out as it went in. You can just fold it up and get a protective case to secure it better.

They don’t have any additional plush memory foam padding which is seen in many headphones these days. Still, Sony somehow manages to make them comfortable to wear for long hours too.

But if you do have larger ears or just want more comfort, you can switch earcups and get a comfier one right away. The fake leather stitching is pretty nice and looks great from a DJ’s perspective. These give a great persona to someone who wears it and that is what Sony is selling here. It has a coiled non-removable cable which is pretty durable. It makes them feel more heavy and sturdy and also gives them the DJ headphones touch to it.

Coming to the sound quality, the 40mm drivers do a good job making them industry-standard headphones. Overall, these headphones are a great choice for professionals and not for early DJ artists.

If you even travel a lot, we wouldn’t recommend it, although it has a majestic audio quality. If you’re going to produce audio for podcasts or youtube, this is pretty good and recommended.

Beats EP

Change the way you hear the sound for $92

Beats by Dre is known for its state of the art premium headphones. Whether it is just a Bluetooth speaker or a professional DJ headphone, Beats never disappoints. Straight out of the box it comes with a really nice microfiber cloth that gives it a very superior look.

The device has a minimal design that runs around the headphone. The leatherlike earcups provide great comfort to your ears and you can definitely binge-listen to music for long hours.

It has a non-removable flat cable, unlike many other manufacturers who prefer to have a coiled up cable. When you put them on your ears for the first time, the moment is absolute bliss. Beats know how to transform and better your audio experience in every way. The DJ headphones have a certain grip on it and sit pretty rigid and tight. This allows for great noise isolation.

The sound quality gets pretty relative from person to person but the max volume on this thing is huge. Beats always focus on getting the mids and the lows covered up and they’ve done the same here.

So if you’re into Post Malone or Khalid, this is headphones you need. These are not the best studio headphones but with the awesome sound quality, this has to be a good DJ headphone.

Compared to a few other competitors, it has better noise cancellation and the audio quality is snappy and crystal clear. Beats is not known for its enormous bass but it is pretty decent. These are the most inexpensive headphones from beats and still, they make up for the build quality and the smooth audio. The device’s exoskeleton is made up of steel. The rest of the headphones is plastic

The adjustable earcups give it a premium look and feel. Overall, for around 90 bucks, these are a great pick.

Sennheiser HD 700

Rich open-back headphones aimed at pros for $500

With a German name like that comes experience and outstanding quality. Sennheiser has been at the top of the game and will be for quite some time now.

The HD700 are great high-end DJ headphones by these guys that focus on build quality and audio a lot more than any other headphone in the market.

These guys come with a detachable cable out of the box. They aren’t too heavy looking at what they are capable of. The earcups have sturdy vertical and horizontal movements.

The earcups are big and the good point being, they entirely cover your ears. It has a silicone padding up the top of the headphone that is extremely comfortable for long work weeks.

The earcup actually has the shape of an ear which is not seen in many headphones. This gives additional protection and quality. The overall design and build quality points at Sennheiser’s industrial design perspective. It isn’t very minimal and modern looking but the sound quality covers the ground for it. There are a few technological wonders in this bad boy. The earcup cushions are lighter and thinner yet they are more comfortable to wear.

A lot of tech reviewers consider this as one of the most comfortable headphones ever. COming to DJs, this DJ headphone is top-notch when it comes to comfort and that is of great importance.

Overall, if you’re a professional DJ who earns enough and is looking to make big investments in headphones, this is the device for you. For $500, you are getting a good sound signature, more like the 650s.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

All about being rugged, comfortable and professional for $120

The Sennheiser HD280 Pro is very popular amidst audio builders and producers for its even response and price. This headphone is targeted at experts who basically mix and master audio on a regular basis.

The common mass can also buy it but you won’t be able to completely utilize this or the HD700 unless you’ve got additional audio equipment.

It has a disconnectable cable and no Bluetooth, similar to most of the professional DJ headphones. They are really good at noise reduction with the extra padded layers, this is not the active noise cancellation.

So, if you’re in the studio recording for a podcast or a YouTube video, you’ll get full concentration and focus. These are mostly seen around in the recording areas because of its flat sound output. It doesn’t focus on colored sound and hence gives you what you actually need from it. You won’t hear better on these but you will hear the crystal clear audio and the layers. For professionals, these are a great pick. For the natural consumer, these aren’t a great pick as they lack bass and that extra oomph in headphones.

These headphones are built by Sennheiser for an accurate representation of sound. They have focused on experts who are already in the business creating audio and stuff and they’ve done a great job.

This is a must pick if you’re looking for a budget-friendly Sennheiser.

Pioneer DJ HDJ X-10

Top-notch durability with 50mm drivers for $347

Pioneer is known to be a market leader and an industry expert when it comes to audio and music tech. They launched the X5, X7, and the X10 alongside with great durability.

These DJ headphones have got 50mm drivers that render them the widest frequency range than anyone in the business. Straight out of the box, we get a coiled cable along with a straight cable.

It also comes with a gold plated ¼ inch 8-inch adapter. The DJ headphones sit inside a nice premium looking hard case.

The headphones come in 2 colors and I’d recommend the dark matte black color. You can place the headphones flat in the hard case or you can push the earcups up and bend the sides to make it really small for travel purposes.

The headphones sit nice and good on your head and are pretty comfortable. They’ve got metal all around the hinges and would hence make you feel a little stressful if you are wearing it for a long time.

These are really solid headphones and you can toss them in your backpack and not worry about breaking them. They swivel pretty nice for DJs to focus on their one ear on the music.

If you sweat, these headphones won’t get funky after a lot of use. Pioneer has built it pretty flexible and it can take a lot of wear and tear too.

Overall, the device is a definite yes for industry experts. They’ve got a snappy base which is really needed if you’re into EDM or Hip Hop.

DJ headphones need to be good with clarity and these headphones could’ve done better.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Premium looking device and great for gaming for $177

The headphones don’t lie in the budget category but they are pretty well built with a state of the art product design. The complementary colored earcups are superb. They are probably the unique selling point of the device.

The device is not very well built, it is mostly plastic and has some loose ends when it comes to the adjustable headband. They are really comfortable, although they don’t have leather cushions on their earcups.

You can easily binge-listen to music for about half a day and not feel a strain. This open-back DJ headphone has a non-detachable cable connected to it. It also features a coiled cable for the user’s ease of use.

The end of it has an 8-inch connector and it comes with a ¼ inch adapter. Overall, the finish of the device is pretty good. But when it comes to DJ headphones, unless there is enough metal in the body, it can’t withstand the force. Beyerdynamic could’ve added to the build quality looking at the not so cheap price tag. The open-back headphones are not very good when it comes to noise cancellation.

It will allow some of the studio or office sound in and you must keep that in mind while buying it. This is basically more inclined for gamers with its comfortable earcups and flat sound quality.

The earcups have a good swivel to them. They tilt to that sweet spot to give you a perfect fit. Coming to the audio, they’ve got an impedance of 250 ohms and hence you will need an additional amplifier instead of your average cable to the iPhone.

Overall, if you need a good DJ headphone, you will admire its build and audio.

Status Audio CB-1

Cheap yet one of the finest closed-back headphones at $60

This DJ headphone is specifically designed for audio experts who make a living with their work. It has a 50mm driver to deliver analytical and smooth sound. Out of the box, it comes with a detachable coiled cable.

It supports any standard 3.5mm cable, be it VModas or Sennheisers. It comes with a few color options but I really like the metallic coffee and black design. The CB1s are more of a monitoring headphone rather than a focused DJ headphone.

The earcups are really thick and hence provide great comfort to the ears. They are probably the best when it comes to ear care with really soft cushions. The design is pretty minimal if not industrial.

It has a certain use of metal that gives a durable finish to it. The headband is padded and you won’t feel a thing when on your head. It is super comfortable and if you want to binge listen to music, these are a great choice too.

Coming to the audio department, they are pretty decent. They kind of mimic the Audio Technica vibes to it.

The plastic body feels premium enough as per the price point. For less than 100 bucks, you are getting a whole lot of headphones from Status Audio.
The music on these things is flatter than most of the other DJ headphones. It is bright and good if you’re focusing on listening to good music. There’s enough bass in it, not a lot, but just enough to get the ball rolling. They could’ve done better in the bass department. The maxed-out volume is pretty high. They look and feel pretty durable and as a matter of fact, they can withstand some tangible abuse.

Overall, this is not the best pick for a professional DJ. But if you’re starting afresh or just a newbie, this can be your first pair of headphones to start with.

Beats Pro (Apple)

Clear highs and deep lows redesigned by Apple for $400

Beats is known to be one of the finest audio tech manufacturing companies in the world. This is not a completely new product but has been completely redesigned by Apple for 2018. The Beats Pro is probably one of the very few headphones that target all the major departments concerning a good headphone and ace them.

The device has stunning product design and when it comes to Apple, they’ve made it better in every way possible. The device is only available in a single color, which is the Infinite Black variant.

Apple is known to keep products sleek and smooth and with Beats, they’ve taken to the next level. It has the capability of remote talk and it comes with a coiled cable for hassle-free usage.

It has got articulating earcups and they are made remarkably good with top-notch noise isolation. Out of the box, you’ll get a D-shaped cloth cover that will have the DJ headphones in them.

A hardcover would’ve made it look more premium though. The earcups rotate inwards to get them smaller and to fit them in the case. The device just screams premium from all directions.

The padded headband, the comfy earcups, and even the new adjustable slides are pretty neat.

When it comes to sound quality, it is pretty similar to the earlier variant. It has a pretty snappy and heavy bass. The highs stay clear and the lows are deep enough to serve the DJ in you. For the hefty price point, these are super-premium DJ headphones for experts and professionals.

The SOL Republic 1601-32 Master

 feel the bass You’ve never heard before in a headphone for $129.99

The SOL Republic wireless headphones

The Republic Headphones has a minimalist look and they are elegant in design. One feature that stands out is the ‘virtually indestructible’ headband. Besides, it also comes with 1,000 days guarantee i.e. 3 years. Although they have a snug fit, you might find them a little tight. In case, you like a little tight you can surely go for them.

Another aspect is that they are great outside the DJ world as well. The clear vocals can be used for phone calls and gaming. The pros of the headphones are the bass and vocals are excellent and are great for beginners.


Well, to sum it up, it totally depends upon your requirements on what type you should buy. If you like move on-ear is good, you should purchase that or else over-ear headphones would be fine. If you purely need good sound, then over-ear is a winner.

Let us know what you prefer in the comments section below! 

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