We are aware of many companies pays to increase the views likes on the emoji, nonsensical comments, and plain traffic. The companies pay dollars so that they become popular on the internet and becoming a popular ad website earns many dollars.

Since they are the part of the internet activities. Recently, in Thailand three men alleged for operating “click farm”. They were arrested with hundreds of smartphones and many SIM cards. The gang was using these smart phones and SIM cards for a social media app so that to run up “likes” and views on We Chat.

2405209a3 Thai Police arrested three Chinese running click farm, they found  474 iPhones and thousands of SIM cards

According to the report, these Chinese were operating the Click Farm in a small house rented near the Cambodian border. The police found about 474 iPhones, 347,200 unused SIM cards. Wang Dong, Niu Bang, and Ni Wenjin have setup of all these devices in a metal rack, most of the phones they were using the 5S, 5C, and 4S iPhones and 10 computers. Other small electronic devices and operating tools were also founded by the police.

Initially, the police officers thought the suspects are running a fake call center. The fact is that, when they were asked by officers, they admit they were working for the chain’s largest social media app WeChat. They said they have numbers of accounts to run WeChat and they are paid in dollars by the company.


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However, the suspects refuse to mention the name of the company, but they said we were paid by the company about the US $4,403 per month and the company provide iPhone to run the WeChat for the online products selling.

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According to the reports, Suspects have alleged the visas are expiring and they overstay in Thailand. They were lack of work permit for Thailand. Police charged them for using unregistered SIM cards and smuggling of smartphones. According to the Law in Thailand, they suspect have to pay five-year prison or a fine ranging from about 58-$2,936 USD or both.