Apple faces a class-action lawsuit, accusing the American multinational technology company of allowing a dangerous activity – texting while driving.  Headquartered in Cupertino, California, the Apple company is being demanded of implementation of a system; preventing the vehicle drivers from using their cell phones while behind the wheel.

According to the details, the above mentioned class-action lawsuit has been filed at the “Los Angeles County Superior Court” against the business tycoon in California by MLG Automotive Law. The lawsuit has a very serious plea; it claims that one of the major causes behind 52,000 road accidents annually involving various vehicles in California alone is iPhone! This claim is based on the details acquired from the ‘California Highway Patrol’ as well as from the ‘Federal Highway Administration,’ that further suggests these accidents claim nearly 312 human lives annually, on average.

600 Texting While Driving   MLG Automotive Law files Lawsuit against Apple

‘Texting while driving’ or ‘driving while texting’ is, however a potentially dangerous and fatal activity but the lawsuit in question revolving Julio Ceja the complainant, claims that Apple seems to have deliberately allowed its users to engage in this fatal activity. MLG Automotive Law brings it into the Court’s  notice “Apple in 2008, has had the technology that could prevent accidents  this texting while driving habit may cause; but the company has ‘refused to implement it’ claims the lawsuit. “Apple fears to lose certain market share to competitors,” MLG Automotive Law tells before the Court.

Plaintiff Julio Ceja’s vehicle had reportedly been hit from behind and the accused driver was an iPhone user; obviously engaged in texting while driving. According to the ‘United States Department of Transportation’ 1.5 million people are found engaged texting while driving – six times ‘more dangerous’ compared to drunk driving.

Apple Will Not Do As They Need To Do

Hopefully, the demand made in the lawsuit is absolutely a realistic one that Apple management places a system in their iPhones; locking drivers/people out from using their respective device(s) while driving. However, Apple’s hands-free solutions should not be overlooked either.

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