Tesla comes with yet another surprise.

With its amazing gift of Ludicrous+ that makes 0-60 mph possible in just 2.3 seconds, the company has upgraded the battery pack of Model S and X to achieve 355 miles range for S and 315 for X.

The company introduced the new battery pack P100D quietly to the Model S and X, by making it clear that it aims to improve the performance version of the pack and that the non-performance would be seen later.

With this update, the Model S goes ahead of all, as a Tesla’s flagship car, as not only the ‘Quickest Production Car in the World‘ but also the longest range in the world. Earlier, P100D had an estimated range of 315 miles while the new 100D scores 335 miles. Similarly, it also cuts down the prices of Tesla’s 100 kWh battery pack, as the Model S P100D cost starts at over $130,000.

Similar improvement has been brought in Model X P100D, as its range increased from 289 miles to 295.

TechTimes reports that the 100D model might stop offering 90D in its lineup, as it can more provide the competence that is promised by 100D of the Model S and Model X.

The other range options are given below:

  • 60: 210 miles
  • 60D: 218 miles
  • 75: 249 miles
  • 75D: 259 miles
  • 90D: 294 miles
  • 100D: 335 miles
  • P100D: 315 miles

Interestingly, the CEO had promised earlier that a 600-mile range might be achieved in 2017, which is indeed an indication to further incredible innovations.

Screenshot 23 1 Teslas new Model S 100D gives 335 mph range with updated 100D battery

via: snopes.com

Tesla will unveil its first electric semi-truck in September, pick up in 2019 and release Model 3 in July 2017

The new option is certainly going to move the numbers in favour of Tesla, as increased range with reduced rate stands the company second to none in the market.