Tesla will run a competition for homemade commercials.

If you are an active follower of Tesla’s cars and appreciate its innovation, the company brings you something great.

The company’s CEO affirmed via Twitter that he will run a competition of homemade commercials that promote the company’s products.

Well actually that’s so smart! The company is hitting so many birds with just a single stone. 

But do you know how did it happen actually?

A fifth grader, Bria, wrote a letter to Elon Musk that Tesla is immensely appreciated through very beautiful homemade commercials.

These commercials, if put into competition, will not only promote the company without any cost but also increase the followers.

Screenshot 5 Tesla will reward the best homemade commercials   come on lovers! lets do something beautiful

via: techtimes.com

In reward, Tesla can air the most attractive commercials on the mainstream media. Or, provide free super charging for a year or gift Model 3 Easter Egg etc. The letter was communicated to Elon Musk by her father via Twitter.

Interestingly, the company’s CEO gave a very positive response. He not only appreciated the great idea but also affirmed that the company will go with the suggestion.

This is really surprising that the company is thriving by leaps and bounds its commercial mediation is extremely low. However, various efforts are being put by the company’s lovers in preparing excellent commercials. These, however, go waste by not coming into public notice. Therefore, such an idea seems to be really impressive that works very well for both the sides.

Screenshot 6 Tesla will reward the best homemade commercials   come on lovers! lets do something beautiful

via: google.com.pk

It is now hoped that the company adopts the suggestion and start rewarding those who are doing a great service. Similarly, it is really worth appreciation that the company’s CEO responded to such an idea. It shows his forum is open for fans’ ideas and suggestions and is given a practical notice. It does not care for the age rather suggestion only.

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