Tesla to be dragged to court on account of gender discrimination.

The auto-making company is faced with an issue of gender harassment that has been highlighted from various perspectives.

An employee of the company, Vandermeyden, detailed to the Guardian that Tesla is practicing very obvious gender discrimination, which includes sexual harassment and low wages to women.

Screenshot 10 Tesla to be dragged to court on account of gender discrimination   sexual harassment and low wages are the primary charges, the company denies all

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It has resultantly questioned the social stability at organizational level. She referred to the existing practice “pervasive harassment”.

The issue seems to be arising at a time when the company is already on a roller coaster; for the reported or rumoured delay of its Model 3.

The lady informed media that male workers, who are even comparatively less experienced, are promoted and paid highly unduly.

She further said that she is confident that her raising an issue will either be ignored as it has been done earlier or she would be penalized.

The issue became grave when she questioned even the moral attitude of the male workers. Her lawsuit tells that profane language, eve teasing, and objectionable non-verbals have become a routine.

She argued that though she admires the great job and development of Tesla, but being a free human she cannot tolerate what is taking place in the company.

When the issue reached public ears, the company responded and defended its position. It termed all the accusations baseless and illogical. According to their explanation, the matter was impartially investigated, which found that all the alleged observations by the lady are concocted.

Tesla further reported that though the lady claims gender discrimination, she was given her due promotion.

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The company informed media that the lady was being hired for sales department, while she asserts to go to engineering branch.

Both the sides are leveling charges against each other that will reach a conclusive end in the court.