Submitting to widespread criticism from car owners, Tesla has finally rolled back its decision of limiting Autopilot’s speed in its latest software update.

Earlier, the drivers could not cruise their Autopilot’s speed beyond 5 miles per hour on undivided highways, a limit set by the company just couple of months ago. It was publicly condemned through public media, as some of the owners called it against the purchase policy that allows them to go as speedy as possible.

The limit was reportedly defined by the company keeping in view the massive misuse of the speed, which was viraled on the social media (e.g. Youtube) alerting numerous agencies that rose their fingers on this potential threat to human and material loss.


On the other hand, various critics believed that not allowing the Autopilot cruising beyond the speed would itself threaten the Autopilot, as the flow of traffic might not all the time adhere to defined posted speed limits.

The roll back got confirmed when one of the Tesla owners asked Elon Musk through Twitter, although various Tesla owners had already shared their OK reports about the latest update.

Screenshot 12 2 Tesla takes back its decision of limiting Autopilots speed   the new software update pleases drivers


Driverless transportation is attached with such challenges, as the automobile companies have to balance mechanical autonomy, customer satisfaction and most importantly general safety.

So let’s see how do they cope with it.


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