Today, the car producing company Tesla announced to work for the installation of world largest lithium ion battery for the wind farm in South Australia, The company will work under a contract with the state government and French renewable energy company Neoen.

Both companies will work for to produce 100MW/129MWh battery. Tesla announced to install the battery with Neoen Hornsdale Wind Farm in Jamestown the project will complete in this year. Neaon is working for the external and internal resources to complete the project.

img Tesla signed the contract with the South Australian government to produce world largest lithium ion battery in 100 days

Tesla signed the contract with the South Australian government with confidence, the CEO of the company assures the government, Tesla will provide the world largest lithium ion battery within 100 working days from now. If the company doesn’t complete the project on time, he will be responsible to deliver the battery for free of cost.

However, the battery will be reliable with the backup storage and stability. The Neoen Deputy CEO Romain Desrousseaux said:

“At 100MW and 129MWh, the Hornsdale Power Reserve will become not only the largest renewable generator in the state, but also home to the largest lithium-ion battery in the world, with our company’s long-term direct investment in South Australia growing to almost AU$1 billion since 2013. South Australian customers will be the first to benefit from this technology, which will demonstrate that large-scale battery storage is both possible and, now, commercially viable.”

Neoen and Tesla are boosting the South Australian economy by dealing the contract with the government. South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill said in a statement as:

“Battery storage is the future of our national energy market, and the eyes of the world will be following our leadership in this space. This historic agreement does more than bring a sustainable energy giant in Telsa to South Australia; it will also have some significant economic spin-offs. South Australia has been leading the nation in renewable energy; now, we are leading the world in battery storage.”

The Australian government announced to sped AU$550 in this year for the energy sector of the country and now they are able to produce energy of 100MW grid-connected battery energy from its sources.

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