Tesla will increase its capacity of Superchargers at urgent basis, Tesla CEO Musk reveals on Twitter.

tesla1 Tesla prioritises Supercharger capacity

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The main focus will be on the locations where the stations are overcrowded.

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tesla2 Tesla prioritises Supercharger capacity

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snip Tesla prioritises Supercharger capacity

It is to be noted that the company has already taken various initiatives to extend the capability to all users and kill the issue: idle fee, that is to charge drivers for overusing the charger stations; and, the plan of stopping providing free unlimited Supercharger use after January 15.

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Musk said that some stations are over busy because of users’ greater attention, though nearby stations remain free. However, the issue will be solved by installing additional stalls at such locations.

tesla3 Tesla prioritises Supercharger capacity

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The decision seems to be very timely, as the launching of Model 3 will worsen the already crowded situation.

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