Tesla might delay rolling out Model 3 until 2018.

David Tamberrino, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, has taken everyone by surprise via his research note claiming that Tesla might delay Model 3. The awaited car was expected to be brought into day light in 2017.

Although, the claim does not stand on any firm evidences, it has shaken the company. Moreover, the report does not tell about the next probabale date. It means that the matter has gone into unidentified vaccum. Other reports believe that it might be made public at the end of 2018.

Screenshot 5 5 Disappointing for Tesla lovers! the company might delay Model 3 until 2018

via: tesla.com

Moreover, the report claims that the company might face a serious financial setback. It eventually has to borrow if it has to meet the deadlines for the roll out.

This report goes in contrast to the claims that the company has made to thrive its business. Reportedly, a serious dipping graph is expected in the sale and booking of this model. And even some reports have started guessing about the consequences.

Although, Tesla still maintains that it will start the delivery in the first phase of 2017, this report cannot altogether be discarded. Similarly, the report goes in step with the track record of the company. We witnessed that Model S and X too faced quite a delay than the actual time.

Screenshot 6 4 Disappointing for Tesla lovers! the company might delay Model 3 until 2018

via: tesla.com

The expected delivery of Model 3 is minimum of 100,000 that will be a batch for employees and early orders.

However, there are some reasons that might substantiate the company’s claims.

The manufacturing process of Model 3 is lot easier. Secondly, much sophisticated technology has brought into the development process. Thirdly, the construction sites for the company have been planned to increase to 5. Fourthly, the confidence of the company that is hopeful about the in time delivery.

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All these reasons portray that Tesla might meet the deadline along with much better quality.