Tesla has been on an incredible talent hunt recently. A year ago it contracted Peter Hochholdinger from Audi to administer Model 3 production. It also contracted Anders Bell—already of Volvo—to assume responsibility of planning interiors. On Tuesday, we discovered that Apple programmer Chris Lattner had left the organization Elon Musk once described as the “Tesla Graveyard” to wind up VP for Autopilot. It turns out he’s not the only long-term Apple man to ride whatever it is you’d call the Silicon Valley equivalent of Charon’s vessel.

Seth Weintraub at 9to5mac has uncovered that the electric vehicle producer has additionally gotten the services of Matt Casebolt, who will accept the role of Senior Director Engineering, Closures and Mechanisms. These are regions where Tesla has already experienced challenges; early Model Xs needed to have a broken seat hinge supplanted, and the creation of the SUV’s Falcon Wing doors ended up being a significant problem.

tesla casebolt Tesla employs MacBook Air creator for top engineering role

Casebolt’s portfolio at Apple incorporates the first MacBook Air and the latest Mac Pro and MacBook Pro.

Truth be told, as Weintraub describes, there’s a remarkable Apple diaspora over at Tesla nowadays, because of the Tesla radically downsizing its own automotive desires. While we expect it will require a little time to see the results of Tesla’s enrollment strategy, it absolutely is by all accounts searching for ability in empowering places. The previous couple of years have demonstrated it knows how to design the best EV powertrain in the business, and it’s not very shabby with regards to cutting edge driver assists. If it can accomplish those levels of competency in a portion of alternate requests of planning and building autos, its future ought to be brilliant in reality.

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