Tesla, the energy and transportation company running ‘Tesla Motors’ and ‘Tesla Energy’ divisions unveils a gigantic project the business tycoon now shares with Edison. The massive energy storage structure was disclosed on Monday, while the parties had sealed and signed the Tesla – Edison project deal last year, in September.

The deal between Tesla and Edison, reveal the reports was part of an effort; to compensate for the staggered natural gas storage facility Aliso Canyon; known for the massive gas leak and; for firing up the batteries last year, in December.

By signing the deal, ‘Tesla Motors Inc.’ and ‘Southern California Edison’ will be working on the project at the largest and huge energy storage facilities of the world. At the storage facilities, an enormous amount of ‘grid-connected’ batteries are placed; responsible for providing power to the lights in entire Southern California. The batteries also help in reducing ‘fossil-fuel’ reliance.

tesla Tesla   Edison Now Share The Giant Energy Storage Station; Being The Worlds Largest
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At the Mira Loma (Ontario) substation of the utility, there are some 400 or so ‘Tesla PowerPack’ units, spread on a site measuring close to 1.5 acres. It has been learnt that energy stored in the said units is good enough to take care of power supply to a large number of homes; 2,500 houses can get power for one entire day while 4-hour-long backup can be provided to 15,000 homes.

The utility aims on gathering electricity during night hours (also during any off-peak hours) by the means of huge, refrigerator-like ‘lithium-ion batteries.’ The electrons thus stored could be re-injected into the power grid; when power use jumps.

Tesla will unveil its first electric semi-truck in September, pick up in 2019 and release Model 3 in July 2017

As mentioned above the Tesla – Edison deal was quietly brought online weeks ago but the two partners are all set now to achieve their goals from the massive ’80 MW’ Powerpack energy station.

Meanwhile, the Tesla – Edison project is not the only one commissioned by Southern California Edison; two similar, other projects are also signed respectively by Altagas (and ‘Samsung SDI’ batteries) and by AES.