If you are doing hard work, you need to speed up your work, You transfers lots of files to and from the network but your copying speed is less and your work get stuck when you transfer a lot of files then this is exactly the program you need. It can do disk- intensive task in a little time and faster speed. It will end your complaint about the newer but slower version of windows will transforming files.

296944 TeraCopy 3.0 Finally Is Out: Check Out Its Specs And Features
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TeraCopy is designed to copy files at the maximum speed. It ignores bad files and displays the report at the end of the process. TeraCopy also gives a lot of information about the files being copied. It is integrated with Windows Explorer’s right-click menu and you can use it as the default copy handler.

TeraCopy 3.0 Features and Highlights:

  • TeraCopy 3.0 comes with different display and modes.
  • It is fastest copy process, specifically with small files and from small files.
  • You can create checksum file list after copy process (MD5, SFV, SHA, SHA256, SHA512)
  • Can work with an unlimited number of files.
  • If some files are giving copy errors, it will try to recover them several times. But If it doesn’t happen, the file is ignored and it will continue its work.
  • TeraCopy 3.0 has options for test after copy, delete, add and wipes files or an entire list of files.
  • You can move or clone files with the help of TeraCopy.
  • Options to shutdown or hibernate when the transfer completes.
  • Option to queue transfers for the same physical drive.
  • TeraCopy 3.0 displays if any failed file transfers and re-run problem files.
  • Full Unicode and support for Windows 8 and 10 notifications.
  • Physical disk mapping is now fast in it.
  • Numerous bug fixes.
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Untitled TeraCopy 3.0 Finally Is Out: Check Out Its Specs And Features
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How To Download

You can use the free version of P TeraCopy 3.0 for non-commercial or personal use only. If you need it for commercial purposes, you can download its Pro version which is paid version. Just in case you need it for commercial purposes, you can go for the Pro version.