Tencent has released Call of Duty mobile game which is focused both at enthusiast and casual FPS gamers with decent visual fidelity.

call of duty mobile china 6 768x432 Tencent’s newly released Call of Duty for smartphones is more than we expected!

According to the newly released batch of Call of Duty mobile screenshots, they seem to rival that of the Xbox 360 console era which shows the superior gaming abilities of smartphones. While we are looking at smartphones like Razer’s higher-end gaming handset with Snapdragon 835 chipset and 8GB of RAM to boot, it becomes easy for us to predict what kind of games they are capable of handling.

Steven Ma, SVP, Tencent Holdings Limited says:

We are bringing together a vast array of characters, content and modes from across this great franchise into a new Call of Duty mobile game tailored to meet the interests and play styles of mobile players in China.


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