Tech Gadgets to Ease your Work From Home

Tech gadget to ease your work from home

With the coronavirus pandemic rate increasing every day, many people, companies, and organizations are devising great plans to make working from home more comfortable.

In this article, we’ve highlighted ten tech gadgets that you can use to stay productive even as you’re working from home. These tech gadgets can make you feel like you’re working at your real office by erasing distractions, making you pay attention to your work, and making you successful. 

Written below are 10 Tech Gadgets For working from home:

A Multifunction Printer (Canon Pixma TR4520 Printer)

Image Source: RTINGS

If you need to copy, scan, print, or fax, then Canon Pixma TR4520 is an affordable multifunctional printer that is the best solution to your problem. It’s portable enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It has sophisticated features like an automatic document feeder for multi-page scanning and two-sided printing.

Wi-Fi Booster (Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi System)

Image Source: Tech Crunch

Inconsistent and fluctuating Wi-Fi can be frustrating and probably mess with your productivity and make you look incapable if you’re in a virtual meeting with your boss, employees, or clients. And indeed, you won’t want to connect and disconnect without any warning whenever you’re in virtual meetings. This Wi-Fi system possesses a “beacon” that can extend your Wi-Fi coverage in another room of your home.

Conference Speaker (Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone)

Image Source: CNET

The PowerConf is a Bluetooth conference speaker that stays in the center of your desk or conference room. It uses its six built-in microphones and active speaker to make phone calls and conference calls more enjoyable and productive. It possesses a built-in battery and can also serve as a power bank for your gadgets. Call quality is incredible, and it sounds professional. It also enables you to move freely around the room as you are making or taking calls.

Ample Lighting (Philips Hue)

Image Source: 9to5 Mac

You don’t have to struggle with a dimly-lit workspace as you work from home. You have to invest in significant lighting that you can control as you please. But the Philips Hue is genuinely impressive, although it’s quite expensive, and a gateway drug to swapping all the lightbulb in your home to a smart light bulb.

Ring Light

Image Source: Inceptive Mind

Working at home usually requires having lots of video meetings either through Zoom or Google meet. So you need to have a ring light. A fantastic ring light will make you look magnificent, lit, and professional.

Huanuo Monitor Mount Stand

Image Source: Huanaov

The Huanuo monitor mount brings your screen up to the right height so that you don’t have to slouch, and it’s currently the tallest mount. The mount also allows you to easily adjust your monitor to precisely the correct height for you.  

Ultrawide Monitor (LG 34BL850-W 34-Inch QHD Monitor)

Image Source: LG

An ultrawide monitor is undoubtedly one of the best purchases you can make for working from home. It’s so large that you may have to lean from side to side to see it all physically. However, it is a monitor that is at least 34 inches in size with a superb 1440p resolution.

A foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Image Source: Gadget Flow

If you have to manage a little space to work from home or pack up your setup and take it with you whenever you need to go out then, a foldable Bluetooth keyboard is what you truly need. It is a full-size keyboard from Plugable. Besides, after each work, you can easily fold it up and keep it away if you need the space for another thing. 

3M Precise Mouse Pad

Image Source: Pinterest

The 3M Precise Mouse Pad is affordable, effective, and helps keep your mouse hand comfortable with the wrist rest it possesses. Besides, its tracking surface was carefully designed for modern optical mice, so you’re typically covered from every angle.

Bose 700 Headphones

Image Source: The Verge

Indeed, working from home requires total concentration on the work you do. Hence headphones are beneficial if you’re working from home. Particularly noise-canceling models such as the Bose 700 headphone. It is accurate for tuning out any distractions around the house or intruding sounds from your neighbors or your environment. The Bose 700s possesses some of the best noise cancellation techs in the market. 

They’re particularly appropriate for use during significant work calls or video calls since the microphones can separate your voice from the background noises. The Bose 700s are one of the most comfortable noise-canceling headphones, and you can wear them throughout the workday without any issue. 


If you have yet to adjust your home workspace to suit your needs properly, this is the right time for you to do it. Irrespective of the space you choose in your home to work, you may need to go the extra mile to make it possible for you to work comfortably without any form of distractions.

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