tech companies stock exchange 696x696 Tech companies are now a sign of danger to successful stock exchange

According to the the five biggest companies in the world by market value were all U.S. tech companies. This tech sweep of the market’s top rungs didn’t happen during the heights of the dot-com bubble in 2000 and hasn’t happened since. (Tech companies have previously taken the top five spots, briefly.)

KOSDAQ was established in 1996 for an electronic stock market. Korea Financial Investment Association was the founder of KOSDAQ and it was independent from Korean Stock Exchange. Kosadaq and Nasdaq both are same deals only in technology.

Concerning work, however, the Kosdaq keeps on failing to meet expectations when contrasted with its American partner.

A big difference between the two apparently same exchanges that could clarify this disparity in execution is that while the Nasdaq holds the Big Five tech companies, the Kosdaq has failed to list any such tech firms.

What the Kosdaq demonstrates is that stock exchanges that fails to add blue chip technology are destined to fail to meet expectations. the most part, The case exhibits that tech firms are a noteworthy main motivation in our economies, and are spearheading the advancements that are driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Financial specialists comprehend that tech organizations are on the bleeding edge of an overcome new world. To remain ahead fiscally and remain applicable period, long haul interests in blue chip tech firms are a keen choice.

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