lg g6 300x300 Teasers and Spoilers: LG G6 is being more awaited...

source: androidpit.com

The new release of LG’s G6 has just been debuted in the late February, 2017 but the rumors about the specs and the design of G6 has made its debut much interesting. The rumors about upcoming model of LG G6 somehow polemically, heightened the expectations of the people who were waiting for the design. It is speculated that the LG G6 have a 821 Snapdragon processor which is a topic of discussion as it is being compared with the 835 processors of Samsung. The rumors about the RAM capacity are somehow obvious that the LG G6 will have a RAM of at least 4 GB since its predecessors including G5 and others also had a 4 GB RAM.

lg g6 v w782 300x200 Teasers and Spoilers: LG G6 is being more awaited...

source: androidpit.com

The official release of the model G6 will be on 26th of February in Barcelona at MWC 2017. Some of the information about the upcoming model have been revealed by the official LG web site while the rumors, on the other hand, have worked quite well. The cell phone will be released officially in the United States after its launching on April 7th. The launching time and price set by the manufacturers is quite integrating with the other market competitors since Samsung will be going to launch its new cell phone Galaxy S8 later in April. The rumors are not much talkative about the price of G6 but it is anticipated that the price of G6 would be around 700 USD.

The new LG G6 is quite awaited due to many reasons. It is supposedly the best cell phone in the class of handy and smart cell phones. The new G6 would be considered as focused on its removable battery design and the audio sound quality of the device. The new device would be handling the right and left sound channels separately through the 32-bit quad DAC which will provide a much more balance sound. The newly introduced features and the improved quality setup of the device is well attributed by the UX teaser video below.

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