Right one day after making their quarterly profits public Nintendo, one of the world’s largest video game companies made its future plans public too. What we learn about Nintendo’s Future Plans is that from now on; the company will be launching two or three ‘mobile games’ every year.

It is a proven fact that larger portion of the profits Nintendo gained and reported, belongs to the company’s mobile division; that started to generate revenues quite noticeably.

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This is a bit disappointing to know that the expectations the investors had in their minds from side-scrolling and auto-running mobile video games such as Super Mario Run etc., could not be fulfilled. Super Mario Run, they thought and hoped to help increasing console sector profits of the company quite potentially.

super mario run new1 Tatsumi Kimishima On Nintendos Future Plans: 2 to 3 Games Every Year Will Do

Facts and figures however, tell us a different story and suggest that the game actually helped Nintendo earn lot of revenue in their mobile gaming sector. Ever since its launch in December 2016, Super Mario Run marked a significant impact on company’s total earning(s). Nintendo’s third quarter touched lucrative 7 billion yen ($61 million); only due to Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run is still doing pretty well as it soaked as many as 78 million downloads very recently but when Nintendo imposed $9.99 additional ‘unlocking’ fee (for several features/levels), consumers’ response disappointed them. According to Tatsumi Kimishima, only 10 person (or even lesser) users contributed and paid the additional charges in reality.

Sharing his views over the issue and about Nintendo’s Future Plans, Nintendo president said company has decided to reward those paying one-off additional fee; by making the game period longer; even those willing to pay can also benefit from the offer.

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One among the future plans of Nintendo included launch of ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ and the same is being released on iOS; being a ‘free-to-play’ title.