The gaming industry is very much familiar with need and demand of Warframe’ games in real and digital world.War is art of past times and adventure for new nation of virtual reality eras.The curiosity ,attraction and digital market competition is deriving force behind  projection of past into digital world.

Early journey of Warframe:

Canadian studio of digital extremes is considered among the pioneer of the industry in the stretch of time of 2005-2008.At that time the path was unclear,uncertain,novel and infant industry.So they made many unsuccessful attempts like Pariah, Warpath and Dark Sector in time period of 2005-2008 as well as they were ready to release there free-play shooting games.

So ,the digital extremes intended to release furious action games of shooting as the idea has been taken from Dark Sector.finally they made it online persistently avaiavble shooting and warframe games.

Dark Sector 2013 07 09 17 55 57 41 Warframe’s life cycle from infancy to success and  Future  Digital market share
Dark Sector

First release of the digital extremes  was Dark Sector that is very different game ,no body believed its success and popularity among the masses.But with the passage of time they proved their mussels and finally achieved success.

Excalibur Wallpaper Warframe’s life cycle from infancy to success and  Future  Digital market share
This is Excalibur, a master of gun and blade.

Now after hard long years of struggle warframe is most played games and the out spoken figure 2.5 million register users. Additionally is it is played on computer ,play stations  and Xbox.

Future Challenges for Warframe:

In  an interview manger of studio said that in the past when they started warframe studio it was hard journey to be successful ,for this purpose they made have plenty of decisions at the top level.Now for the future challenged is that about customers.Those users who are very found of that games have invested so much on gadgets and gear ,it is not easy for them to spend so much again on these gear to avail the next level facility. So studio is currently working on customers need satisfactions.In 2017 studio will be working and experimenting on sandbox play and PvE content.

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