GTA V is among those productions of Rockstar Games which was released just at the right time and broke so many of the previous records of its series. RG’s parent company Take-Two Interactive seems very happy and contended with its earnings as they released an earnings report for the quarter ending December 31 that shows that the Grand Theft Auto V has shipped an astonishing 90 million units, with 15 million units being sold in 2017 alone.

gtav feature image Grand Theft Auto V earns the most in 2017   Checkout the latest earnings call from Take Two

Old Seems Gold!

Where some of the gamers might think that GTA V is too old to be discussed in 2018, we consider it as an injustice, not to discuss the game which now looks evergreen due to its interactive gameplay. The rising sales were termed as “recurrent consumer spending,” which is Take-Two’s sly name for microtransactions and DLC. Here are the figures released by TT:

  • A total of $480.8 million and a net income of $25.1 million for Q3 2017
  • $29 million for Q3 2018
  • Total Digital sales of $258.4 million(54 percent)

Speaking of the encouraging results, Take-Two stated:

During the holiday season, we benefited from high consumer demand for our offerings, enabling our Company to deliver another quarter of both strong [sales.] Our stellar results were highlighted by record recurrent consumer spending on both Grand Theft Auto Online and NBA 2K18, robust ongoing sales of GTA V, and the successful launch of WWE 2K18.

Take-Two’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick is confident to invest more in the game’s quality instead of just making money out of it.

Rockstar Games never ever rests on the past and is utterly focused on innovation and breaking barriers, with an eye towards an amazing entertainment experience. It’s easy for me to say those words, but exceedingly hard to do. And I would argue impossible for others to replicate [what Rockstar Games does].

After GTA Vice City, the GTA V is probably the most loved game among the gamers of this genre!

With 90 million units sold up til now, Grand Theft Auto V is crowned as the "most successful media title of all times!"