The T-Mobile users are offered with an all new ‘All-In’ Plan, a move “to allow more streamlined customer experience, ensured to be less confusing,” claims Mike Sievert, the COO T-Mobile. Does T-Mobile real want to making things easier for their users, to understand their billing better? Does it really aim on ensuring customers they won’t be charged for the bits and bytes they consume? Mike Sievert, surely, thinks so!

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T-Mobile aims on making things further easier for their app users understand their respective monthly bill, by opting their new “All In” T-Mobile One Plan. Now come to the question whether how one can avail the subject ‘One Plan’ offers and the brief answer is customers will not have the built-in fees – taxes automatically,to their respective existing plan. What they would need to enable the same will be (their) enrollment in the announced new ‘One Plan from T-Mobile‘ that actually fulfills the purpose; of having fees and taxes both included.

What happens in case of a subscriber’s shifting from his/her old plan to newer one, their  entire (previous) lines will move with them automatically. It was on Jan. 22, Sunday, when the One Plan of the carrier had kicked off officially, and as mentioned above just aiming on making subscribers’ life easier and simpler; the fees/taxes are build in, in the price of the plan now advertised. By the way, this happens to be the carrier’s only post-paid plan offer.

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T-Mobile One Plan Further Defined

The carrier’s ‘One Plan’ comes with different and varying ‘all-in price’ points while for the offered varied plans. Have a look at the following:

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$70 is the price for the single line plan.

Subscribers opting for two lines will be charged $120 all-in, working out to of course $60 each.

Those thinking three lines will do, got to be prepared to a $140 shell out per month; working out to $46.67 for every single line.

For consumers with even bigger plan (subject to bigger family – multiple connection plans) best option would be four-lines; setting them back by $160 a month; working out to lesser rate i.e. $40 per line.

Following statement by the carrier reads “With T-Mobile ONE, you’re getting 4 lines by paying mere $40 whereas in February bill, you will see the taxes and fees are included; means you’ll be paying what you’re seeing.”

Important: Auto Pay charges are not included/mentioned in the above mentioned price-plans since an additional $5 price will be charged; from those who not signed up for the Auto Pay. Consider the following as well:

Charges for adding any non-smartphone device(s), to app users’ One Plan will be different; ranging from $20 or $5 for a tablet or wearable respectively, each month (including Auto Pay however).