T-mobile company of United State responds unlimited data plan via Twitter:

John Legere the Chief executive officer of the T-mobile company of United State, T-mobile is the fourth largest wireless carrier in the United State, In July 2016 John Legere was giving interviews to TV channel he introduces a program. In which they allow for these customers to upgrade their smartphone twice per year. In the last summer, AT&T company and Verizon were followed John Legere for the upgrade plans.

Wireless technology:

Every new generation of wireless technology was needed the capital and spectrum, T-mobiles were planning to upgrade the smartphones of the customers. So then the CEO of T-mobile company Jhon Legere announced his plan A few days ago that they are providing 22 GB of free data to the T-mobile customers that are the effort behind the policy, that the customers of T-mobile continue to use its network. So the 22Gb of data is free giving to the customers and John Legere also responds on twitter yesterday that no barrier holds the customers of T-mobile to return Their version of unlimited mobile data. So after that, they are offering the unlimited data on their network.

braxton carter neville ray john legere mike siever T mobile company of United State responds unlimited data plan via Twitter
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CEO of T-mobile:

CEO of T-mobile also announced via twitter that the new T-mobile providing the one plans that you can use 10Gb Of had a video of High speed, HotSpot data that all are free or without any charges, In this announcement, the Jhon Legere was not mentioned that these unlimited plans are totally unlimited or free to use policy behind this plan is once you exceed your data from 22GB in during one month, so then it will be counted in your billing cycle and also T-mobiles Reserved the rights about the use of data plans that throttle your usage whenever your data ends.

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