If you have already done experiments with the Google Drive, you might know that moving the Google Drive client doesn’t work properly if moved outside of the C drive. If you try to do so, you might lose all your data because an abnormal behavior is seen in such cases by the Google Drive. It’s not necessary that you lose all your data as there are some cases in which your files don’t sync but stay there in the original position. In both the cases, you don’t want to risk your data.


insync og Having trouble in syncing Google Drive in a non standard location? Try this simple method to do so

The solution for this problem is Insync. It’s a Google Drive syncing client which works totally fine wherever you place your sync folder. Insync works pretty fine whether the sync is in C or any other drive. All you need to do is to configure this client.

How to Configure Insync

Install the Insync tool for a free trial period of 15 days and after that, it’s $29.99 per Google account.

  • Click here to download the Insync installer and open it
  • Just follow the instructions and choose your sync destination in the last step of the wizard
  • Click on the Change folder button and choose your external drive as the destination
  • After that, Finish the process and you are done

Insync gives you the option to select which Google Drive folders to sync. For this, click the change button under Sync all files and folders, and then select which Drive folders you want to sync to your desktop. After that, simply click the ‘Finish’ button and the syncing process will start.

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