Bethesda is managing to remain in the news for all the good reasons! The recent reports from the games developing studios show that the all-time famous title of the company, Skyrim will now have a Survival Mode via its Creation Club. This is a part of the series which will keep adding more and more exciting modes to the game including

  • Adding hunger mode
  • Fatigue and weather-oriented survival systems
  • Survival Mode etc.

Skyrim Survival Logo Bethesdas Skyrim gets a Survival Mode Add On via the Creation ClubSkyrim Modding and The Survival Mode

While we see so many other games being modified, Skyrim is special because of the thing called ‘Frostfall’. Unfortunately, the said survival mode update comes with an only 1-week free trial. Skyrim Survival mode actually changes the original map by splitting it on the basis of different climate zones so it will not be the same gameplay you were used to. What’s worse? Your health level will not regenerate in this mode so to make your health condition better, you’ll have to find a bed at night in order to level up. Seems realistic! Right?


Well, to be honest, we don’t even have early reports on the pricing of this updated version of the game, but you can go for the Skyrim: Special Edition’s Steam beta to check out what this mod has for you.

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