Snapchat Spectacles are now being used for filming surgery. In United Kingdom, A teaching surgeon named as Shafi Ahmed Put on a pair of eyewear earlier this month to record a video of Hernia Procedure for his students

Around 200 of his students observed as he demonstrated the procedure in around 10-Seconds of small information elaborating the various parts of detailing various procedures of anatomy and initial incision. He had an assistant at the time of the surgery so he didn’t have to keep re-washing his hands and pulling his gloves out.

download 1 1 A Surgeon named Shafi Ahmed Using Snapchat Spectacles To Record hernia Procedure.via:

We can now watch the full video which has around as many view as you think, upto 23,000 to be exact, uploaded on Dec 13. Below is the medical content of the Snapchat Spectacles surgery being discussed with the reviews of such people gone through it.

Another short video demonstrate the use Snapchat in the Surgery area.

We are not much aware of why Ahmed chose to use Spectacles in Surgery. But using them seemed pretty natural relating to the Google glass he`s wearing in his Profile picture of Youtube.

Google Glass makes a comeback after being hidden for 3 long years