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Surface Pro & Surface Book will Roll out with Windows 10 S Operating System


The giant software company launched Windows 10 S just before a month and now the company is going to spread the particular operating system to some other models including Surface Pro and Surface Book.

According to Softpedia report, Company’s CVP Yusuf Mehdi revealed the news in an interview that the new operating system is expanding its range, confirming that new SKUs of Surface Pro and Surface Book is on its way to catch the system. Mehdi said;

“We had to start somewhere. The Surface Laptop, that was the right time to introduce the operating system. We had it on some low-end devices, and we wanted to put it on a premium machine to show the future. We don’t just think of it as a Chrome operating system. This is full-fledged.”

This shows that the giant software company is planning to separate the new Surface range with the new Operating System, In addition they will strongly focus on the educational as it is the first priority of new operating system.

It might possible that Windows 10 S version for Surface Book and Surface Pro will not cost too much unlike the previous Windows Pro version or the giant software will sell Surface Pro and Surface book with low price and could level the price to upgrade the Windows S version, whatever it depends on the company.

If you are Microsoft’s fan and is awaiting for Surface pro and Surface Book or for Windows 10 S version than you have to show some patience as the giant software will make it available soon.


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