The latest news about Microsoft Pro 5 flagship.The next generation of surface pro 5  would come with rechargeable pen with magnetic dock. The new patent files was published in US patent and Trademark office.The patent files shows that company is developing two notable changes battery recharge and magnetic dock.

Surface pen is powered by AAAA battery the main structure of the battery has been finished a months earlier in current situation company may be working on magnetically rechargeable battery more over pen charge like a dock.

gettyimages 492438461 Surface Pro 5 Rechargeable Pen with Magnetic Dock next level of Microsoft patent hints

Says Microsoft.

“As a stylus may be easily misplaced due to the typical size and shape of the stylus (e.g., a thin, rod-like shape with at least one tapered end), the stylus charger may take the form of a dock that holds the stylus in a particular location during charging and/or while the stylus is not being used,”

Earlier the company also hinted that the size of stylus in larger than the phone itself but Microsoft possibly will be working on dock of the phone.Pegatron Technology, has been tasked with the responsibility to build the Surface Pro 5. It is also the company who Microsoft has outsourced the building of the Surface Studio as well as the older Surface Pros. The Digitimes report also points to Quanta Computer as a probably manufacturer. There is no confirmation on this.The Stylus will no longer have a replaceable battery but will be rechargeable once it is docked magnetically on the Surface Pro 5.

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Microsoft magnetic dock.

There are still close to three months for this and things may change in the meantime. Microsoft has not confirmed anything regarding the Surface Pro 5, so there may be changes in certain aspects of the Pro 5 when it eventually launches.Because Microsoft has intended to launch the new product in March,2017.

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