Super Mario has gotten its first update since it has been available to the public since last Thursday. It was downloaded 40 million times in just 4 days which is a major turning point bearing in mind that Pokemon GO reached that number in 11 days. According to SensorTower, only 2.1 million users out of 40 million paid the in-purchase fee of $9.99 to unlock the entire game. Therefore, investors are not happy with the numbers Nintendo has been raking since the start of its launch.

super3 Super Mario Run has been downloaded 40 million times!
Super Mario Run

Nintendo declared that it would not introduce a new game mode to Super Mario Run. Yet, that is exactly what Nintendo did with the first update. “Friendly Run” is the name of the new game mode and if you paid the $9.99 price, you can play it 3 times which nullifies the need to pay Rally Ticktets. Players can play it 3 times only if they clear World 1. If they manage to clear World 2 they obtain 5 runs total. If you have not paid the in-purchase you can only get one run per day. Nintendo will possibly add more new modes to satisfy their users. If you have Super Mario Run installed on your device, it would be a wise decision to get the latest update now.

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