The moment Google aired their Super Bowl ad during the game couple of nights ago; it accidentally triggered and set off countless Google Homes nationwide. The ad airing on millions of TV sets was about Google Home device and confusion started for every Google Assistant; when someone delivers the “Ok Google”  words.

home speaker grp fabric uncropped simplified v2 Super Bowl: Google Ad Words Treated As Command By Google Homes

The bright and clearly visible colorful lights started popping up and the incident must have reminded everyone about Amazon Echos; an entire bunch of voice command devices were also triggered quite accidentally; following a TV broadcast.

So both the audiences at home and their respective mechanical assistants are not new to the situation then. According to the claims of majority of complainants, their Google Homes reacted and whatever was their reaction one thing was pretty sure; everyone of them got ‘confused.’

We can say that the slight mishap makes the most anticipated Super Bowl Sports Events all the more interesting following the reports of countless funny situations created at home. Google however, must have felt little embarrassed to have faced this; especially on an occasion when advertisers are eyeing on garnering revenues worth millions of dollars.

feature hero Super Bowl: Google Ad Words Treated As Command By Google Homes

Google’s opportunity of joining and encashing the opportunity of spectacular viewership has just begun and the funny incident definitely will not have a negative impact on their cause at all.

But then again, there was no fault at any of the Google Assistants’ part since the “Okay, Google” words are actually the ‘phrase’ these mechanical assistants are already familiar with, very familiar in fact.

Upon hearing the familiar phrase uttered on the television screens, poor Google Homes, most possibly, treated it as a ‘command’ and their next step was quite natural; to set off automatically.

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