1 6 Sumo Digital: The power difference between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro is like a Day and Night

According to Sumo Digital the creators of Crackdown 3 and people who did work on many multi-platform game before also on PS4 Pro they say that the power difference between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro is really like a day and night difference.

Sumo Digital is working on Crackdown 3 right now which is an Xbox One X exclusive. The game looks promising, we have seen some gameplay at E3, although the gameplay wasn’t really that great, it wasn’t anything that will blow anyone out of the water. But from what we have been hearing from the internet the game is really good. We are still looking for to see what the multiplayer looks like because that’s going to be the most exciting thing about this game.

What about XB1X?

Sumo Digital was interviewed and they were being asked a couple of questions regarding the Xbox One X and this is what the Design Director Gareth Wilson of Sumo Digital’s actually had to say:

We’ve got something like 15K simultaneous props moving around in our game [Crackdown 3]. Now the Xbox One X just eats them for breakfast.

You can just go and go and go with it. Once we start making games that are optimized for that platform, it’s going to be badass. I don’t mind saying that it’s significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro, and we’ve worked with PS4 Pro. It’s way more powerful. It’s a night and day difference.

That comes from a developer that have experience with both Xbox One X, Xbox One and PS4 Pro. Xbox One X is powerful because it’s 6 versus 4.2 TFLOPS and more memory bandwidth. The biggest strength of Xbox One X is the fact that the game was created around the software not the other way around.

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