There has been a continuous hustle in the technology world after the rumors of Silicon price hike for the past 4 months. This started when one of the biggest silicon wafer producers in the world, SUMCO detailed its plans of increasing the silicon prices by 20 percent in the year 2018. This won’t be stopping here as the company’s roadmap shows another increase in the coming year.

12 inch silicon wafer Silicon wafers price hike will ultimately lead the hardware prices to a record high level! Prices to increase up to 20%

The Latest Development

According to the latest developments, other big names of Silicon production has joined in too with Taiwan’s GlobalWafers confirming that prices will increase by 20 percent throughout this year. What makes us prefer SUMCO’s statement over all the others is that it’s the biggest producer based in Japan which is responsible for over 60 percent of the world’s silicon wafer supply. CPU, GPU, DRAM and Flash makers are quite worried about the increasing prices as they’ll ultimately have to answer their consumers.

Why’s All This Happening?

Speaking of the reasons, the 12-inch, 300mm wafers, which is actually the standard size of the chip used to build processors, graphics chips and RAM has vanished away from the markets. The crypto-currency mining trend worsens the situation to an unthinkable extent.

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