The next iPhone launch from Apple is just six months away, where rumors regarding the next iPhone lineup have also started lining up. The most expensive offering from Apple, the iPhone X was one of the most unique devices last year. Though sadly the iPhone X didn’t do as well as Apple hoped to.

When it comes to the iPhone X, two points about the device does stick out. Which includes the Face ID feature and its premium price. Apple also made a daring move to completely remove the Touch ID feature, in order to bring forth a new technology controlled by True Depth camera.

iphone x sign Successor To The Apple iPhone X Is Expected To Be 10% Cheaper

The Apple iPhone X surely is packed with features and a gorgeous OLED display. But all of this does come with a hefty price tag. Something that has put off a lot of Apple fans, resulting in sales that are lower than what Apple expected for its premium device. Now with a new year Apple is rumored to be working on three new iPhone models. That will include two OLED devices as well as an LCD device. The LCD variant among the bunch will be the fan favorite according to analysts.

According to some recent speculations Apple is also working on a successor to the iPhone X that will come equipped with a 5.85 inch display. This device will also cost less to manufacture and will be around 10% lower compared to the iPhone X. Finally this phone is also indicated to have lower specifications compared to the other two models. So if that is the case then we might not see a successor to the iPhone SE, which is also rumored to make a comeback this year. Because a company like Apple won’t launch two lower spec’d devices in a one year.

Surprisingly, Apple is releasing 4-Inch SE iPhone in this August

What are your thoughts about these upcoming offerings from Apple?