Back in 2016 Nokia acquired a French health and fitness technology company named Withings. Though the company was soon renamed as Nokia after being acquired. To which Nokia provided the reason of being widely known around the world. This re-branding of the Withings company also expanded to its product as well. Which included its famous Withings Steel HR hybrid smartwatch. That was also facing some issues upon launch due to failed quality control checks.

Withings Steel HR Special Edition Steel HR Is A $180 Limited Edition Hybrid Smart Watch From Nokia

Well it looks like Nokia has finally fixed the issue that Steel HR faced with its launch. As the hybrid smartwatch is being re-branded as Nokia Steel HR now. Which is available for pre-order now with a price tag of $180. Though users who are interested in getting their hands on one should hurry up. Because the Nokia Steel HR will be available in limited quantities according to the company.

Being a hybrid smartwatch the Nokia Steel HR offers two things. Which includes a heart rate sensor and a digital display alongside the watch face. That shows different types of data to its user. But would mostly be related to fitness, including distance traveled and calories burned. Aside from that the Nokia Steel HR will also keep track of your sleep. But for that users would need to also wear it at night.

The Nokia Steel HR being a hybrid smartwatch also offers a good battery life. Where users would have 25 days of battery life on a single charge. While the smartwatch also have resistance of up to 50 meters in water.

3700546702556 Nokia HWA03 40black All Inte 1 Steel HR Is A $180 Limited Edition Hybrid Smart Watch From Nokia

The Nokia Steel HR is currently available in two colors including black and white. That also comes in two different sizes where users can choose among a 36mm and 40mm watch sizes. Aside from that Nokia also lets you choose between woven straps, leather straps or silicon straps.

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