To keep your Battlefront II fever alive, EA has unleashed 11 maps from the Star Wars Battlefront II and with the release of the game after two months, 5 game modes will be presented. The launch event seems to become an interesting one as the said 11 maps span across all three cinematic-eras. Moreover, 3 of them are from the prequel-era, named:

  • Kamino
  • Kashyyyk
  • Theed

The 5 original trilogy-era maps include:

  • Death Star II
  • Endor
  • Mos Eisley
  • Yavin 4
  • Hoth

Similarly, 3 maps from the Force Awakens-era are:

  • Starkiller Base
  • Jakku
  • Takodana

Upcoming Gaming Modes

Besides the maps, the 5 game modes which the company aims to release at the launch are also worth waiting for. One of the modes is ‘Strike’ in which there will be two teams of eight players each. The gameplay goes like 2 teams of pilots controlling the fighters, bombers, interceptors, and hero ships to keep them engaged in multi-stage, objective based space battles.

Heroes vs Villains

This is one of the modes in which you’ll be able to witness the classic Star Wars’ greatest characters fighting against each other. Other modes include Arcade and Galactic Assault which can be guessed pretty much from their names. In single player or Arcade modes, you’ll have multiple scenarios in which you’ll be fighting with AI-powered characters, just like all other arcade modes do. The Galactic Assault is my personal favorite as all the star players team up against the enemy teams to cross the multi-stage objective-based maps for victory.


As disclosed on various other forums, the game will be available worldwide on November 17 but to get your hands on the beta version. its shipping begins from October 9th.

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