The PC games player are waiting for the game Star Wars Battlefront II for a long time. The games would be release in the November. The supports the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the report, last week, the official PlayStation YouTube channel posted a developer round table interview with three key members of each studio working on Star Wars Battlefront II, DICE, Motive and Criterion. Matt Webster, Executive Producer at Criterion Games, said:

I think it certainly feels the most ambition game Electronic Arts ever created in terms of the amount of and the breaking of new ground.

star wars battlefront II 740x416 Star Wars Battlefront II is coming with more content, more ambitious EA game

In an interview, Craig Mcleod, producer at DICE says as:

This is the first game that’s had all three eras. I mean, our goal is to create the essential Star Wars shooter. When you think about all the eras, when you think about the single player, space combat, classes…There’s so much depth there. I don’t see how any shooter fan or any Star Wars fan would not want to be a part of SWBFII.

Being able to realize this ambition that I never thought I would be a part of…I’ve been making games for a long time. Never before did I think I would be a part of a Star Wars game that could have the depth and the complexity of the multiplayer, that sandbox that DICE is so known for, and marry that with a single player story told from a different side…It’s phenomenal. The ambition here that we’ve managed to achieve is something that I thought would never be able to be realized when I worked in games, so I’m just incredibly proud of that.

Moreover, the Mcleod said that, the users are demanding the new series of the 2015’s Battlefront. The developers are working on the game new features, characters and content. The game will release with new ambiguous.

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