We have reported on numerous occasions that PUBG is the leading best seller for the past several months. People opposed the idea on the basis of their likings and dislikings but the fact still stands there even at the time when this article is being written, that PUBG is the highest performer of all the current games.

Star Citizen, a game worth noting here, has performed exceptionally well and has gathered around $35 million in 2017. A figure of $34.91 million was raised in 2017 which is actually lower than the $36.11 million figure, recorded in 2016. $17.25 million of the amount was raised by Star Citizen on Kickstarter but the reason why we still rank PUBG highest of all is that it is expected to reach $1 billion in sales in the next couple of months.

But There’s Something Different

starcitizen Star Citizens 35 Million USD fund raise still not enough to beat PUBG!

The genres of the two games differ actually if you consider Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, and Andy Serkis at the backend. So you definitely need to give some extra space to Star Citizens.

More money for Star Citizen developers as they include microtransactions in the game!