Gigabyte has just released PCIe M.2 Riser cards along with an RGB mousepad. The release is followed by Gigabyte’s recent release of CMT4034 and CMT4032 M.2 PCIe Riser cards. The two riser cards can be used for converting PCIe 3.0 slots into M.2-22110 slots with PCIe 3.0 x4 wiring.

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The release is targeted toward the growing need of M.2 SSDs and the fact that most motherboards only come with a single slot. The Riser cards can easily get you out of this problem allowing you to use multiple M.2 SSDs as long as there is PCIe 3.0 x8 or x16 lanes available on the motherboard.

The Build

Speaking of the build, both cards are built in the half-height and the differentiating point between the two is that the CMT4034 has four M.2 22110 slots and needs an x16 slot while the CMT4032 has only dual M.2 slots requiring an x8 slot available. Here are the common features of both the cards:

  • Both cards include metal heat spreaders
  • Both of them have thermal sensors and link/activity LEDs for each individual slot

P7 RGB Gaming Mousepad

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Increasing the AORUS inventory, Gigabyte has revealed the all-new P7 RGB gaming mousepad that goes very well with the rest of your RGB-based gaming setup. Here are some of its features:

  • Silicone RGB LED diffusers lining the perimeter
  • An RGB LED illuminated Aorus logo up top
  • USB connectivity with a micro-USB connector at the pad
  • A conventional type-A connector with a 2-meter long cable
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GIGABYTE RGB Fusion software gives you the control over this lighting. We still need to wait for its pricing and commercial availability.