As being the founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk is not entirely known for being an emotionally eloquent guy. When he appears in public, Musk who has a pretty laid-back attitude, but a newly released clip exterior goes out the window from the source called National Geographic.

The video which is nearly a 4 minute clip shows Musk in watching the first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket landing back in Florida

The landing of the rocket, which happened in almost exactly one year ago on 21st of Dec, 2015. Its was the first rocket to stage back a solid ground having the private spaceflight company. It was an exciting moment for the space lovers everywhere, but Musk can be seen gasping in particular and freaking out as he learns the fate of his rocket in the new footage.

In the month of December, He said that he initially thought the rocket has exploded as it was coming down to the ground. The sonic boom was taken mistakenly by him for the rockets re-entry of the sound of an actual explosion.

Musk looks up and says “This is bad” as he stares at the rocket coming back in for its landing on the ground (Eventually Smooth). Right after watching this booster comes down to its landing spot Musk runs back inside the control room to check out the video feed of the booster upright back at the Cape. as said by him “What? Holy smokes, Man”

spacex ceo elon musk unveils companys new manned spacecraft the dragon v2 SpaceX`s Rocket Landed for the First Time in History, Elon Musk acted like an Enraptured Child.


Many attempts were made by SpaceX before, but the landing on December was the first time the company managed to land its Falcon 9 boost stage back on Earth after being launched into space. Attempts on landing being taken on the previous attempts stages on a drone ship floating in the ocean, but none of them were successful.

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In consideration of that first historic landing, SpaceX has cautiously brought back 6 boosters to Earth after delivering payloads to space. At a moment the company is in a tough spot. One of SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets has exploded on its landing spot ahead of an engine test in September, destroying the satellite.

It`s launch schedule is currently on hold by the company as to get to the root of the issue that caused the major accident. At the moment, SpaceX has planned to launch again sometime in January.