spacecraft SpaceX unveils the greatest space rocket


SpaceX showed a photo of its newly designed amazing space rocket, the Falcon Heavy, on its Instagram page. News are in air that this massive thing will be pushed into space in 2017, after a successful mission in 2016.

SpaceX has been showing several large rockets in the past but this one is incomparable. The Falcon Heavy has surprising features; 27 Merlin engines with the thrust ability equal to approximately 18 747 engines. It can carry as much as load as a fully loaded 737 can.

Media reports that this rocket will bring humans into space. This role will make it the most valuable development in the space business.

Although specific date is yet to be confirmed, Falcon Heavy will be airborne in the first quarter of 2017, after a delay of almost a year, caused by the explosion at Falcon 9.

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It is far beyond any doubt that Falcon Heavy can be given a contract to launch the Saudi Arabian Arabsat 6A communications satellite. Similarly, it can be considered for space exploration programmes; particularly Moon and Mars.

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To SpaceX luck, the upcoming Trump administration is seriously planning to increase lunar explorations. According to a report led by Miller, Trump’s appointee for space missions, particular interest will be taken in the potentially sustained human presence on Moon.

In this report, Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX has been idealised as an inspiration in space education. 

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