SpaceX has prepared a plan after evironmental assessment to landing three three heavy falcon booster rocket at florida.It wanted to get approval from federal government to aquire two additional landing pads on it’s existing site.After the inspection of air force documents has been forward for public commments.In a report said that there are some interesting information that SpaceX wanted to land three haevy booster in spring of 2017.First a test landing would be done Space X then thre will be landing of other three Falcon.

cclc1 SpaceX plots a  plans for landing three Falcon Heavy boosters at once
Space X landing plan

The company said:

“This purpose continues to support SpaceX’s overall missions for NASA and the USAF,” the document states. “The action continues to fulfill the U.S. expectation that space transportation costs are reduced in order to make continued exploration, development, and use of space more affordable.”

SpaceX will also build a Dragon capsule provide an option on the landing zone to support refurbishment of the Dragon 2 spacecraft, designed to carry crew into orbit. The 130-foot-long facility would provide a “temporary” facility for vehicle propellant load and propulsion system servicing.

when it was designed Landing Zone 1 facility at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, for the single Falcon 9 first stage booster, the company envisioned the need for one main pad approximately 200 feet across, and four smaller contingency pads, each approximately 150 feet in diameter. The chosen site had enough acreage to accommodate all five pads.In addition the Falcon are not launched frequently but once in a year, there will be an option of parallel boosters of land with the approval of US AirForce.

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falconheav1 980x722 SpaceX plots a  plans for landing three Falcon Heavy boosters at once

Space X claim that if the approval will granted it will be able to launch many booster from one landing side from Florida.”The remaining Falcon Heavy boosters would either fall into the Atlantic Ocean downrange or land on the droneship.”